BlackJack – J Slot

It’s a collaboration of Black Jack and slot machines!

The combination received from a slot machine becomes your hand – cards to use at Black Jack.

The reels don’t stop automatically!
Try pinning down the cards you want with your own skills!

Win over 1,000,000 coins with a double-up!
Jackpot yields… 9,999,999 coins – the best!

There’s more!
Fighting against other players from the whole world in 1-on-1 Realtime Online Battle is possible.
Bet the coins you earned and start an exciting battle!
There’s a table for madmen only, too – 1,000,000 coins at once.
(For multiplayer battles, logging in to the GameCenter is needed)

Playing is free!
Even if you run out of coins, they will get charged up during betting.

– What’s Black Jack?
The popular card game where you collect cards so that they’re worth as close to 21 points as possible.
Picture cards (J,Q,K) are worth 10, ace counts as 1 or 11.
A combination of an ace and 10 is a Black Jack.

– Rules
– No surrendering, no splitting.
– Until the dealer has a total of more than 17, he won’t stand.
– In case of a double-up, it’s a win if it’s bigger that the dealer’s card.

[When you can’t find an opponent, try entering the table again]

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