Blackjack Card Counting

Practice your card counting skills wherever you want!

Draw cards with a swipe over the screen and count as fast as you can! To check the count, you can always display the game’s current Hi-Lo-Count and the True Count. Toggle easily between single and dual card display by using your device’s portrait or landscape mode and optionally use shake your device to shuffle the cards!

Blackjack Card Counting simulates a stack of cards with the gorgeously designed, Retina-Display-optimized original „Altenburger Spielkarten“ with English or German images.

Because the App uses these realistic graphics, you can – differently from many other Apps – really train counting cards for the actual Blackjack table in casinos, where you have to take care of so much more than just recognize the cards dealt! Blackjack Card Counting helps you learning to instantly spot and recognize the cards and assign the their value – what can not be possible with badly designed, non-realistic card images.

Blackjack Card Counting utilizes the Hi-Lo strategy by default to display the game’s current count. This method is the easiest to learn and even the most lucrative one, as many experts state, because it simplifies counting cards itself, so that the player can rather concentrate on his surroundings. Furthermore, there are 22 additional strategies (see “Features” for the complete list) to unlock via In-App Purchase.

An explanation is integrated to support beginners. Differently to what popular movies like „21“ suggest, counting cards is not difficult and just requires the ability to count +/-1! To be able to effectively count cards with Blackjack in a Casino, you just need some practice in recognizing and value-assigning the cards dealt quickly, what you can easily learn with this App.

********** FEATURES **********

+++ English and German card images with the original „Altenburger Spielkarten“

+++ Intuitive and stylish User Interface – Retina Display optimized!

+++ Display either one (Portrait mode) or two (Landscape mode) cards by just rotating your device

+++ Universal App for both iPhone/iPodTouch and iPad!

+++ Shake to Shuffle!

+++ Current Hi-Lo Count and True Count always available

+++ Possibility to choose the number of packs used in the stack of cards

+++ Free! You can support us by removing the iAd banners via In-App Purchase

+++ Strategies available: Hi-Lo, REKO, Zen Count, Canfield Expert, Canfield Master, Hi-Opt I, Hi-Opt II, KISS 2, KISS 3, K-O, Mentor, Omega II, Red Seven, Revere Plus-Minus, Revere Point Count, Revere RAPC, Revere 14 Count, Silver Fox, Unbalanced Zen 2, Uston Adv. Plus-Minus, Uston APC, Uston SS, Wong Halves
If you miss a method, please just contact us!

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