Blackjack 21 HD

Looking for a blackjack game? You’ve found it! Try your luck at one of Las Vegas’ most popular casino games. Other blackjack apps like Blackjack Live make you wait for other players online, with Blackjack 21 HD, you can play as fast and as often as you want. Try it now!

BlackJack-21 HD

Neither a pure skill-based game nor a pure luck-based game, the poker game 21 Points lies in between. As long as you master the special rules and methods, will you manage the game, become proficient in it and win. Do not worry about losing all the chips. Before you going to Las Vegas, Macao or Monaco, enjoy the wonderful experience of the game on your iPad first!

Game features:
1.No bet ceiling, excellent!
2.You can get an award of 20 chips per minute when your total chips are under 600, so never worry about the chips!

Game rules:
1.Black Jack 3 to 2
2.Insurance 2 to 1
3.Hand 4:1