Blackbeard’s Assault Lite

The critics love Blackbeard’s Assault!

2008 Best App Ever Nominee –

“Editor’s Choice” – iPhone Games Network

“like Zuma or Puzzloop on steroids…a must have.” –

“a grade-A game with quality music, great graphics..” –

Warhorse Games & present Blackbeard’s Assault!

Ahoy Matey! The object of this fast-paced puzzle game is to remove all the balls as they travel along a path. Simply tap where you want to fire. When you match 3 or more balls of the same color, the group will be removed and you will earn points.

After you remove a group, if the colors on each end match then they will come together and create a chain reaction. This will give you huge bonus points and push the line back.

You will lose a life if the balls get to the end of the path. Don’t worry, you can save yourself by using the many power-ups that are available, such as bombs, color removers, chain-shots, and more!

Lite Version Features:
– 4 Unique Levels
– 3 Difficulty Modes
– Automatic save and resume
– Story Mode: Help Blackbeard avenge his father’s death at the hands of the Ninja

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