Blackbeard's Chest Memory Game

Experience a pirate adventure while searching for Blackbeard’s treasure.

Immerse yourself into the world of rugged heroes and play a fresh adaptation of the classic memory game, which your kids won’t get tired of. Blackbeard’s Chest Memory Game features five different environments – the pirate ship, a coral reef, a deserted beach, a jungle and the treasure rock. The environments vary in complexity and each one has its own unique set of animated cards. You can choose between two game modes – one or two players. In the single player mode a storyline unfolds that gradually lets you discover new environments. The intuitive graphical interface is ideal for kids. The whole app is designed to suit pre-school children, who still can’t read.

The game is a compelling and fun instrument for developing perception and thinking. Play it with your kids.


* Five originally designed environments
* Nine unique pirate characters
* Catching animation
* Pirate music
* Designed for children (simple controls, no reading)
* Single player storyline
* Two player game on one device

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