Black Dots

Here is a game that is surely to become addictive. The goal is simple — earn as many points as possible and play as many rounds as possible.

How do you win at this game?

Touch a black dot before it disappears and earn 1 point. But, you have to be careful, there are white dots that want to take away points you earn. If you press a white dot, you lose 1 point.

Another goal of the game is to play as many rounds as possible. You have to earn at least 5 points per round to advance to the next round. So, the longer you play, the more rounds you complete. Besides tracking high scores, Game Center also tracks highest number of rounds played.

Download “Black Dots” and enjoy the fun. With cool background music, you are going to have much fun playing “Black Dots.”

Also, “Black Dots for iPad” is currently in development. Look for it soon on the App Store.

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