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Be prepared to feel the sting, because when you enter the realm of the Black Bee there is no escaping.

Full of addicting multiplayer challenges and mind boggling puzzles, you will find it almost impossible to free yourself from the Black Bee. His jungle is teeming with thrill, excitement, and lots of adrenaline. Only those who have a keen mind or a thirst for adventure will have a chance at surviving a trip through his jungle.

Black Bee’s Realm:

The Honey Comb: A two player puzzle game that will keep you on your feet and your mind fixed on finding the prize before your opponent.

Pollination: The Pollinator couldn’t have come up with a better way to turn two people against each other then to have them go head-to-head in a nitty gritty race to the finish.

The Stinger: A single player puzzle game that will have you begging for mercy from the wrath of the Black Bee. You don’t want to be on his bad side.

The Bee Hive: Combines the elements of Pollination and The Stinger to make one heck of a single player game that will have you playing until you’re stumped.

Hive Drive: A simple four player game that packs a lot punch.

Honey Jam: Allows you to see the Black Bee every time you turn on your iPad or flip through your apps.

Cool Fact:

This application was coded by an 18 year old.

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