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Be prepared to feel the sting, because when you enter the realm of the Black Bee there is no escaping.

Full of addicting multiplayer challenges and mind boggling puzzles, you will find it almost impossible to free yourself from the Black Bee. His jungle is teeming with thrill, excitement, and lots of adrenaline. Only those who have a keen mind or a thirst for adventure will have a chance at surviving a trip through his jungle.

Black Bee’s Realm (Free Version):

Black Sting: Up to six players can compete in this high paced game. Be warned however, because you might not like what the black bee does to those who get last.

The Hive: A two player multiplayer game that can cause people to go crazy. This game is great for those who like a little friendly competition.

Honey Jam: Allows you to see the Black Bee every time you turn on your iPad or flip through your apps. (Different backgrounds than full version).

The Vault (Coming Soon): This new game will have you and your friends stumped for hours and the words “Access Denied” stuck in your head for days.

Cool Fact:

This application was coded by an 18 year old.

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