BiZ in the Space

BiZ in the Space is a puzzle game where you will have to help the chick BiZ to save its fiancè Kelly from the cruel Captain Bisca in a long and intense adventure set in the depths of the Space, reaching planets and satellites such as Mars, Venus and the Moon.

Will you be able to bear Captain Bisca and his puzzles? You will need skills like intelligence, memory, speed of calculation and thought. The difficulty of the game increases progressively according to your abilities and this will improve your skills through the training which you will be submitted to.

BiZ space is a fun adventure for the whole family: children can play an exciting game in total safety and adults must use the top of their skills and progressively improve them in order to overcome the most complicated levels and reach the end of the story.

Who will be able to complete the levels in the shortest time? Find it out in our world ranking in the Game Center and take part too!

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