An all new, original multi-touch strategy game. BitHero comes with three game modes – Normal, Hard, and Challenge Mode. In Normal mode, use Apple’s multi-touch technology to tap all the boxes on the screen in 15 seconds. In Hard mode, in just 10 seconds, attempt to tap the moving boxes around the screen. In the all-new Challenge Mode, you have 15 seconds to tap all boxes that are on the screen, except some come with power-ups! A new form of addiction is on the way, so give it a try & download it now to support me and fund future applications!

– Game Modes:

+ Normal Mode – 15 Seconds & Nonmoving
+ Hard Mode – 10 Seconds & Moving
+ Challenge Mode – 15 Seconds & Moving + Powerups

Support me & download! One download can do a lot for me, as well as support future apps!

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