Bite You Bite Me(Finger crocodile)

Finger crocodile is fun random game,suitable for 2-8 people to play,press crocodile’s tooth,One of them is bitten.
you can play it with your family members and Colleagues and friends and Lover…
•Brand New & High Quality.
•Fun game for people of all ages.
•Green body with big eyes, long teeth and big mouth, very vivid design.
•Play with your family, friends, and classmates, test the feelings of heartthrob together.
•Which tooth is bothering the poor old croc? Press the sore tooth and he will surprise you. The crocodile will bite your forcefully if your touch his sore tooth.
•Every time when you check on him, his sore tooth is different, so you have to check him on the jig.
•Open the crocodile’s mouth and press one tooth at a time to see how long you can survive with no loose parts and exciting snapping jaws, this is one game that will thrill toddlers and primary schoolers alike.
•No batteries required.
•supper iPhone4 retina /new iPad retina.
•More animals , dog and shark.
•It’s free!

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Thank you so much.

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