Birdy Nam Nam

With an average rating of 4.5/5, you know you can’t go wrong with Birdy Nam Nam!

This new update brings 4 more levels, 7 new weapons and a bunch of new wicked enemies. But hey, we bring to you more than your average chicken game… We’re a rescue mission! Armed with an arsenal of rib-tickling, jaw-aching, belly-shaking funny gameplay. Our mission is to make you laugh and enjoy those fun moments while playing Birdy Nam Nam.

Fancy high definition graphics and sounds, why don’t you try the HD version!

The Story

Early 2011, a group of Arab scientists in Dubai started experimenting a new drug on all kinds of birds; the drug was intended to turn birds into man’s best friend… They would clean the house, wash the dishes, do the laundry, cook healthy meals… Well simply make man’s life easier!

Everything was going well until something went terribly wrong, and the drug had a side effect which transformed those chicken into killing machines.

Without mercy, they fled the labs and started attacking Dubai, seeking for revenge. Their plan was simple : WORLD DOMINATION!

As the world was falling apart, people were crazily afraid and the fate of the human race was sealed: there was no escape from annihilation… Until a hero rose from the ashes, determined to fight back and save Humanity!

The Game

You are the hero, whose mission is to fight this crazy invasion in a quest around the Middle East.

It’s a Shoot E’m up game where you’ll get to shoot down hostile birds of all kinds. You’ll be using many weapons and methods, even strategy for the advanced levels!

The game is suitable for all ages and genders, tailor made to bring fun and laughter to everyone.


* 23 Challenging Levels to ensure hours and hours of fun, including Libya, Syria, Egypt, Dubai, Morocco… and many more.

* 14 Kinds of Weapons, to massacre your enemies in the most hilarious ways:
** Old School Pistol
** Crazy Uzi
** Pomp Action
** Helium Mines
** Bombs
** Birdy Missiles
** Freezing Bonus

* 24 out-of-this-world opponents that will make anyone laugh. (Guaranteed)


For any feedback, idea, advice, complaints or bug report, please check out the Support section of our website or visit our FB page

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