Birds to the Rescue

Birds to the Rescue is FREE for a limited time!!

Birds to the Rescue is a running game with a twist, instead of tapping the screen to jump or slide, you tap to EAT! But watch out, because there will be obstacles on your journey including moldy seeds, sticky gum and chili peppers. Of course, there is the SUPER SEED which will turn you into a seed eating machine!


Willy the bird lost Mama’s eggs, now you have to bring them back home! But with these tiny wings, you’ll need to RUN across the country to find them. Traveling on foot isn’t easy for a bird, so you’ll need to eat seeds along the way. Travel day and night through the meadows, the desert, and even a traffic jammed city!

But Willy isn’t alone in his adventure, he has 5 unlockable friends to help him along the way, each with their own unique abilities! Be sure to unlock them all!

It will take quick thinking and a quicker finger to master this action-packed game, do you have what it takes to rescue all of the chicks?



• Fast-Paced Action with Tons of Fun obstacles!
• Unique Gameplay with Simple 1-Touch Controls
• 5 Unlockable Birds – all with Different Abilities!
• 60 Game Levels to Beat!
• 2 Game Difficulties: Great for all Skill Levels
• Randomly Generated Levels for Ultimate Replay Value

***** NEED HELP?

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