Bird Strike

Bird Strike is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Bird Strike: Gold Edition Review

We like a bloody two-stick shooter as much as the next gamer, but Bird Strike disarmed us with its relentless cuteness. It’s a game made with Pixar-like cartoony charm, and you can’t help but cheer on your little bird when you slingshot him from his bird wire and direct him to collect boosting rockets on his way to space. Confession: We may have giggled.

Bird Strike is one of those games where you launch something and try to get it to travel as far as possible. But because you’re launching your bird up and not out, when your bird falls you get a second chance to hit a powerup and continue the climb. In some sections, you go up and down so much it feels like the classic Breakout.

Reach for the stars, kid.

If you make it to outer space, a UFO zaps you, turning your feathered friend into a falling meteor with the goal of smashing everything that you avoided on your ascent. It’s a satisfying reversal to destroy the blimps and jerk seagulls that had blocked your progress earlier.

Bird Strike’s got more charm than a late 90’s Natalie Imbruglia. Plus, is there a more suited analogy for fearlessness and ambition than a bird trying to soar to new heights… even if he has to use rockets to do so?