Bird Rush Free


⊙ Simple and classic!
⊙ Touch the birds to catch them.
⊙ This is gonna be the most addictive bird game!
⊙ Catch birds and collect their eggs!

keep your eyes on the screen to catch fast birds.
But, do not touch the injured birds!

Compete with your firends and break the record!
As you hit more birds,
As you collect more eggs, you will get more score.

◈ Features

1. Enjoy cute and funny bird illustrations.

Hit the colorful birds and catch them!

● yellow bird – touch it once
● red bird – touch it twice
● green bird – After touch it once, hit it once again as it moves.
● blue bird – Filck it with your finger!
● black bird – A bombing bird! Drag it to other birds to kill others together.

2. Two different levels! ‘Easymode’ and ‘hardmode’

Practice the game at ‘easymode’. Try ‘hardmode’ when you are used to ‘easymode’.
You can collect eggs at hardmode.

3. Rush Time!!

Bird’s rush is coming! Move your finger fast!
You can get more score quickly.

4. Get the item box!

Hit the question box to get randome items during the game.

● potion – get 1 life
● Bomb – get a bombing bird.
● Life – create 1 life slot!
● Hourglass- Decrease bird’s speed

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