Bird Jumper

Relax, breathe, and let your reflexes take over as you bounce your way into the sky.

Be careful, according to AppAdvice Bird Jumper is “easy to pick up, hard to put down”.

In Bird Jumper, you’ll dive after birds as they pass by. If you time things just right, you’ll bounce off their backs and climb higher and higher into the atmosphere. The sublime art style, moody piano soundtrack and dead simple gameplay will sooth your mind even while your skills are pushed to the limit. It’s creative and unique, but most importantly it’s extremely fun to play!

No time to waste.
• It takes mere seconds to learn how to play. Of course, mastering the game is another story.
• Bird Jumper happens fast. You won’t be slogging through a bunch of menus or load screens; just tap ‘play’ and the action starts.

It’s pretty.
• Bird Jumper has a unique art style. Silhouettes, bold colors and fluid animation make for something you haven’t seen before.
• The soundtrack is beautiful. It’s deep, different, and it will stay in your head for days.

You’ve got to earn it.
• If you earn the high score, the world will know. It will be on Game Center for everyone to see.
• There’s lots of achievements, and you’ll need to be creative to earn them. Some are easy, others… not so much.
• The longer you go, the better your timing has to be. You’ll need zen-like focus to climb the skies.

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