Bird & Egg

This is a game suitable for all ages, moving their brains to put all the eggs into the bird to complete the task, a total of 315, you can complete a few levels?
Come challenge, there are ranking formation in leaderboard, invite your friends to challenge it together!

bird egg

Bird egg is a multiplayer game, you can single-player game, challenging.

Rules of the game:
1. Via LAN or Bluetooth, you can play with your friends game together.
2. You can play games between different devices, such as Mac, Iphone, IPAD, and so on.
3. Capture the bird’s egg with a basket.
4. Prevent the eggs to fall to the floor .
5. Swing your mobile in order to move the pig postion.
6. Match you with other people
7. by holding down the pig and move, adjust the pig position
8.If you do not look for the pig, turn your phone direction

according to the number of broken eggs, the ranking will be different :
1. Call the golden eggs: the eggs never fall to the floor .
2. Call the Silver Egg : only one egg fall to the floor .
3. Call the Copper Egg : only two eggs fall to the floor