Bird Droppings!


Bird here, Bird there, Bird Droppings Everywhere! 50 Levels in 5 Separate Worlds!

Bird Droppings features Unique Puzzles, Bright and Colorful Birds and Environments with cool textured graphics, and Mind-Bending levels that will hook you from the first level!

Birds are dropping, so it is your job to save them one by one, and land them safely on the platforms! If they delve into the abyss below, it’s game over!

Timing, dexterity, skill, and a little luck are all involved in each level!

You’ll love the Birds expressions as they fall to their demise!

Tap the blocks quickly, and strategize your moves, and don’t get distracted by the gorgeous environments!

Snag the Bonus Star in each level to pass with 2 Stars!

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