Biodiesel Simulation

The Biodiesel Sim game is a completely free application that simulates the production process of biodiesel. Biodiesel can be easily produced in a processor from inexpensive reactors such as used cooking oil, with using a simple heater and thermostat. In this application, you can decide how much reactants you want to add, set reaction temperature, and the reaction time. You have to try hard to figure out how quality biodiesel can be successfully produced. The goal is: make the highest biodiesel conversion percentage with using least methanol and lowest temperature. This is a self-challenge, you will get gratifying achievements while continuously explore.

When you complete a simulated reaction, the application will show you the costs of this reaction and how much your biodiesel would cost to produce. You can record your data to our database, then every time you login to our website you can check out your history and statistical data.

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