BioCarnage – Birth

Mission journal:

Launched, in the dark, among millions of my kind, yet alone. My brethren are my rivals, all competing for the same goal. Rushing through the pink tunnels, dodging ‘the pills’, our nemesis, feeding of enzymes for strength, preparing for the challenge to come. At the end of the tunnel, when so few of us are still wiggling our tails, behold: the egg. Will life spring from this, or was it all in vane? None can tell…

GMS is proud to present BioCarnage: Birth, the first episode of the upcoming series of games that will change the way you play on your iPhone forever. The game embarks you the most daring, nonconformist and ridiculously fun iPhone experience.

Update coming soon:

– More levels
– Game Center
– Graphics Rework
– Whole game mechanics will be changed
– Thumb stick option for control
– Achievements
– And many more cool stuff

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