Bingo is a popular game around the world.There are many variations, here is most popular way to play is with a card that contains 40 numbers and one free space in the center.Bingo Ringo has taken Bingo game to new dimensions or it’s 21’st century Bingo game! It’s very easy to throw a party anywhere without carrying heavy Bingo accessories.
There are four Bingo Ringo types, depending on no of winners

Regular :Only rows are considered for Bingo Ringo – 7 Winners ( 6 Rows + 1 Full Bingo Ring )

Regular & Diagonal : Only rows are considered for Bingo Ringo – 9 Winners ( 6 Rows + 2 Diagonals + 1 Full Bingo Ring )

Vertical : Only rows and columns are considered for Bingo Ringo – 13 Winners ( 6 Rows + 6 Columns + 1 Full Bingo Ring )

All: Rows, Columns and Diagonals are considered for Bingo Ringo – 15 Winners ( 6 Rows + 6 Columns + 2 Diagonals + 1 Full Bingo Ring )

If the Player claims the Bingo Ringo, they have to yell “Bingo Ringo”, caller checks the numbers. All the valid Bingo Ringo are recorded for convenience.

The Full Bingo Ringo winner claims all the remaining Bingo Ringo in the game. If there are multiple winners, caller will decide if they can split prize or roll dice or toss a coin etc.


* Can be played over Projector (e.g. Optima mini projector ) 
* Audio Caller option.
* Great User Interface
* Unlimited Undo options
* Numbers are displayed in called/sorted order for convenience.
* 4 variations , every game is different and challenging.
* Can listen to iPod music while playing.
* Game gets saved when application exits , interruptions like click on ads, phone calls are managed.
* Audio support for Player and caller.
* When calling numbers, bingo phrases are displayed for convenience.
* Now you can save Bingo Tickets in your Photo Library.

Good luck to you all for Bingo Ringo! Enjoy !

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