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BINGO is one of the BEST bingo games in App Store. In this colorful and superbly animated real-time game, players use Power Plays like Coins, Instant Bingo, Free Daubs and Double Coins to achieve Bingos and complete many in-game goals. Choose from an array of Bingo Rooms themed in the style of various countries from around the world, and play games to unlock all of the Collection Items and Bingo Rooms!

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Please note: Your device must have an active internet connection to play!

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▪ Super Fast Loading!
▪ Real time and Live multiplayer!
▪ Exciting POWERUPS add bonus spaces to your cards!
▪ Top Charts for Bingo Wins, Coins Collected, Gems Collected and MOST Freebies!
▪ Treasure Chests for great rewards such as coins, keys, bingo chips and more!
▪ Complete fun, themed Collections in every room to get 2 more bingo chips and play even more!
▪ Join different rooms with unique themes!
▪ Full iPhone 5/iPod Touch (5th Generation) Support for bingo!
▪ Play with more cards extra challenge, up to 12 cards!
▪ Designed to take advantage of the Retina Display making bingo playing more fun!

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