BinGo Time-Live

The Introduction:
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The average comment rate is 4.4/ full score 5. Thank you for all the Leopard supporter. The brand-new Bingo Time changed New Version.
Bingo, this is the familiar funniest game when we were in childhood. Let’s help you to bring back your childhood memories.

The Features:
1.The User Interface have a big change, easy for you to play.
2.You can able to play the game with your friends by connecting to the fighting mode.
3.The cute emotion symbol and game messages can makes the game more fun.
4.Combine the Leopard matching system, so you can able to chat with your friends while online.

Both player must fill up the figures into 25 small columns, then both players take turns to speak out the figures, and the number that had been spoken out, the players need to draw a circle inside that figure’s column, and to see whether you can make a line. The first person who completed the 5 pieces of line will become the winner.
平均評價4.4 / 滿分5分
為感謝支持Leopard玩家,Bingo time全面大改版!

賓果, 是一個大家熟悉,並且在兒時都有玩過的好玩遊戲,大家可以藉由這個遊戲重溫兒時的回憶。






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