There is nothing like playing a friendly game of BINGO with your family or buddies at home, cottage or your favorite hangout.

But wait a minute. Where is the BINGO cage and master board you bought years ago?

Or how are you going to pack that bulky BINGO cage for your trip to the cottage?

Or how are you to operate that Bingo cage while traveling by car, train or plane?

Not to worry, the Bingo-Master app got you covered. It’s BINGO cage is spinning to the sound of rattling BINGO balls, a master board marks the numbers automatically and the currently called number is shown in large type after each call on a clean, unclattered UI.

All you have to do is to mark real BINGO cards, just as you would in a physical BINGO game.

In other words, the Bingo-Master app affords you the same ambiance and social interaction as a real physical BINGO game without cumbersome hardware impediments.

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