Billiard Banking

Banking is carried out to determine the play first/after in a game of billiards.
The winner is who most closely the ball to the front cushion.

This app is a game to compete distance in banking earnestly.

Flick the ball upward on the screen, and position the ball as close as possible to front cushion.

Aim 0.000cm!!

By purchasing charged option, You can receive benefits and features as the following.
・hide Ads.
・view play data, and use the data in Game Center.
・display flick speed meter.
・omit inputting player name on high scores.
・skip game.

– We are looking forward to your opinions and requests.
We will wait for requests and bug reports related to this application, Others, such as requests for new application development.
Please use the review field or the Twitter page that are registered in the “App support”.

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