BigFoot, Go Home!

The Big Foot looking for its owners of racing games as story background, the game is a racing game . However, only controlling racing speed and right adjusting the angle of racing in the air, the players can be successfully through the checkpoints since it uses real physics engine which is different from others. Since it is a racing game ,of course, there’s plenty of scenes,exaggerated tracks, loanings of dusk, Woods full of life, or the vast Egypt desert and wonderful underwater world. Now, starting your adventure journey and return to the master savely.

* With clear interface and easy to operate, as well as low difficulty , even a the green hand player can play well.
* Distinctive features and a real physics engine gives a unique experience and feelings in racing games.
* 8 attributes allow players use different cars.
* A total of 45 different fun chickpoins with be finished in loanings, forests, deserts and undersea scenes.

More cool experiences are waiting for you to discover! Start your adventure tour quickly.

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