Big Museum Robber

Big Museum Robber is an addictive thief puzzle game, the aim is to get the treasure secretly, swiftly and safely, avoiding been caught. Get more and more stars when playing the game is another fun feature.

The game was designed as top to bottom mode with total 180 levels, and also added action game playing feature, worth to have a look.

Ever want to play a theft just once? Get big treasure secretly, swiftly and safely.


★★★★★蠻有趣的 – 很多關卡都要試好幾次,有時候更考驗手速,整體來說蠻好玩
★★★★★Nice – Thanks for game.Easy and fun.More levels will be grateful.5 stars from me.
★★★★Fun – It is one of the better puzzle type games I have seen
★★★★★Muy bueno!
★★★★★güzel oyun.. – karakteri sürükle hazineyi topla ama dikkat et tuzaklara ve sakın yakalanma :)

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