Big Machines

Kids love big, noisy machines.

The tractor, the truck, the big loader tractor and the combine harvester are just a few of the many machines waiting on this new FREE app ‘BIG MACHINES’. Stunning video sequences with narration in english.

With this app it’s time to bring the big machines into the homes of the kids.

Both films are with narration in english, lasting 10 minutes each.

In addition, specific films with each machine can be bought with the app, without narration, making it fun for the kids to watch the machines work, crush, pull and lift and hear them roar over and over again.

With this app, children can experience:

★ Big Machines in the fields, 10 minutes, FREE
★ the huge tractor pulling the harrow
★ the funny looking slurry spreader
★ the seeder
★ the combine harvester
★ the big baler

★ Big Machines at Work, 10 minutes, FREE
★ the scraper
★ the truck
★ the loader tractor
★ the forest machine with eight wheels
★ the awesome compactor with steel-spiked wheels

Danish version:
Er din iPhone eller iPad dansk, får du dansk tale.

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