Big Jump

Big lived with his father and mother happily.

One day a serious problem has happened to him.

His father and mother were kidnapped by aliens.

Big was surprised and ran after aliens by stepping onto platforms.

The monsters in the sky made an abrupt appearance and obstructed his way.

Please defeat monsters and aliens and save his father and mother from the aliens.

❑ Features

• You can move by tilting.

• You can fire a weapon by tapping.

• Be careful when you meet in with weak platforms and monsters.

• You can defeat monsters by step or weapon.

• You can get coins if you defeat monsters.

• You can buy items at store.

• You will be stronger if you use purchased items

• At the moment, you are falling down from platforms, use the Wings.
You can survive and rise into the sky again. .

• This app support Game Center(Leaderboard).

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