Big Fish 3D

The game has been tested and passed: OS3.1.2/iOS4.1

<<< Tutorial video: >>>

In dark underwater world, Start adventure!
You will challenge one stage after another and collect the lost badges on sea floor.
Cultivate fish through battle, but don’t forget to feed them and play game with them.
Because it can improve their attack power and lucky.
Challenge stages to gain award and premium to buy new fish for game.
You can challenge stages together with other players online.

– Various fishes:
Various fishes are available for your selection. Different fish has different feature and play exp.
– Download new map online:
More new maps and updates are available on internet.
– Players’ map:
players can edit their own maps, upload and share them with all players.
– Map marking system:
Mark the map, so players would know which map is most popular.
– Our world:
excellent players’ map could be selected as official map.
– Online interaction:
play with others at the same time.

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