Big Bully Poker

It’s Poker! it’s Big 2!
It’s a skill-based game that will have you playing for hours!

★★★★★ “Totally new take on the big two game with more strategy and betting involved. Easy to learn and addictive fun!!”
★★★★★ “Fun to play with friends in multiplayer mode!”
★★★★★ “Great game to kill time with!”
★★★★★ “Fun and different! If you haven’t downloaded this yet, you’re missing out.”

If you’ve played Big 2, Thirteen, Deuces, or Presidents, you’ll love this fresh new take on the game! Play against the computer or challenge your friends!


Place the highest bid to become the bully. Be the first to play all your cards and win chips from BOTH of your opponents!
Want to play it safe? Team up with the other player to beat the bully! If either of you play all your cards first, get paid by the bully, but you have to split the pot!


✔ Play for free!
✔ Single and Multi-Player modes
✔ Easily play games with friends online or in person
✔ Play bombs and nukes to multiply your score!
✔ Use the Hint button to guide you along the way
✔ Earn extra chips by inviting friends on Facebook
✔ Choose to work alone or with another player to beat your opponent


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