Big 2 Classic

Big 2 Classic brings the popular card game to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, featuring beautiful cards, strong computer players, and superior game control. We strive to immerse you in addictive game play, and to let you enjoy the game with the fewest taps and swipes.

Big 2 Classic 锄大D 带给您精美的扑克牌、强劲的电脑对手、和出众的游戏控制。力求让您沉醉其中,用最少的动作,就能享受游戏的乐趣。

Big 2 Classic 鋤大D 帶給您精美的撲克牌、強勁的電腦對手、和出眾的遊戲控制。力求讓您沈醉其中,用最少的動作,就能享受遊戲的樂趣。

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