Bible Trivia – History Quiz Challenge Game

A fun and addictive new game that will truly test your Bible knowledge! Have a great time climbing your way to the top of the game by unlocking levels, earning achievements, and hitting new score highs! And if you’re stuck, you can use hints, skips, and the help of your friends to advance in the game!

Each level includes combinations of images, questions, and wildcards all based on the Bible. Correctly answer the questions and you’ll start climbing the leaderboard and unlocking levels.

Need a little help? Use hints (or clues) to keep you on the right track! And if you’re really stuck, use a skip to automatically answer the questions correctly.

Do you have a family member that really knows the Bible inside and out? Or how about your Facebook friends? You can ask your family members and friends for help at any time!

Test your Bible knowledge and play now for free!!

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