Bible Trivia Extreme

Works on iPod/iPhone/iPad

NOTE: If you post a rating please post a review for others to read, either good or bad, I appreciate your feedback. If there is an issue with the app not working please email me *first* before posting a bad review so I can fix it ASAP!
Thank you.

Thus far only 3 errors have been found in the hundreds of questions in over 2 yrs of being on the market. As of version 1.4.0 (and later) all known trivia question/answer issues have been fixed in the ENGLISH version.

Occasionally people complain about the button size still not working properly due to their ‘fat’ fingers. The screen is heat activated and for each button, the ‘center’ of your finger is where the most heat is centered on when pressing a button. Just because you have ‘fat’ fingers doesn’t mean that it wont work. Just be sure to center your finger over the button you want to press. If my buttons are too small then texting must also be difficult for the same people. There’s not much more that can be done with the buttons without a large amount of rework to the code or loss of features.

Bible Trivia Extreme is a Bible Trivia game based
on the protestant Bible meant to challenge both beginner and Bible ‘experts’ with hundreds of Bible questions and more coming in future versions.

This app is meant to encourage the user to look up the answers to read and learn the Bible in ways they may not have before.

SPANISH NOTE: To get spanish version you need to switch your ‘International’ settings to ‘Espanol’

✔ Available in ENGLISH and SPANISH
✔ 3 levels of difficulty (or All levels):
– Easy, Medium, Difficult, All Levels
✔ 3 types of Game Play
– Timeout mode (adjustable from 5-30 seconds)
– Strike Mode (3 strikes game over)
– CONTINUOUS Play (until you get tired)
✔ Scripture references for every question
✔ Save Scripture references for later review
✔ Web based scripture lookups (hit a button)
✔ Hundreds of questions and more coming
✔ random voices for each correct/wrong answer
✔ vibrate for wrong answer
✔ turn on/off voices/vibrate
✔ questions wont repeat until exhausted for best learning experience
✔ fully random placement of answers on buttons
✔ live bugs page updated as bugs are found
✔ Global High Score board

Version 1.3.4 uTube Videos:

ENGLISH YouTube Demo:

SPANISH YouTube Demo:

User feedback is always appreciated to make this app better in future versions.

Future versions:
– more questions
– bug fixes

Known Bugs: (currently none)
– Version 2.0.0 had a bug for ‘Hit me with any Question’ which is now fixed in version 2.0.1
– Version 2.0.1 has a bug on some devices which crashes app.

Sorry about that.

email me with more requests/comments/bug reports:

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– President Trivia

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