Bible Quiz Deluxe

Bible Quiz will help you learn the books of the Bible.

This App contains a number of games to help you get started in learning the books of the Bible and their location within the Bible.

The games you will find in Bible Quiz…

– Old or New: Determine if the book you are quizzed to find is in the Old Testament or the New Testament.

– Any Which Way: This game will help you to learn which way to turn your Bible pages from one book to another. Great for Bible Studies.

– Caught in the Middle: This game kicks it up a notch by testing your knowledge of the Bible books around the current book you’re in.

Bible Quiz provides a variety of ways it can be configured, allowing you to specify an exact range of Bible books you want to be quizzed on. It also offers simple preset ranges such as only the Old Testament or New Testament or the entire Bible.

Bible Quiz also contains a full study reference, allowing easy review of the books of the Bible. The study reference provides a number of ways to study the books of the Bible including a basic list broken into Old Testament and New Testament and a grouped list broken out by categories such as History, Wisdom, Major Prophets, Gospels & Pauline Epistles.

Bible Quiz is perfect for Bible Drills, Seminary Students, Youth Pastors and others who want to know the Bible better.

All 66 books of the Bible are included in Bible Quiz.

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