Bible Memory Match

Think back to some the first few games you ever played. You might have been sitting at the kitchen table, or laying down on the living room carpet. Maybe you played with friends in your bedroom with an “Enter at your own risk” sign on the door. Remember those white cardboard boxes that the games came in, and how after a little time the corners would tear and you had to tape them together to make sure the pieces didn’t go sliding out. If you are like us, then one of those games was a memory matching game. It might have been pictures of animals, or cartoon characters, or cars and trucks. It always was the same, lay them face down in a grid pattern then take turns trying to remember where the matches were. Remember the fist pumps and the “Yesssssssss” when you got a match? Remember sitting there almost exploding with anticipation, waiting for your turn while your partner tried to remember where the match was, and you KNEW it was 2nd from bottom right?

It’s a great game, one that has endured because you don’t need to know how to spell, add subtract or have any strategy other than simply remember. It was much more than that however, it taught you patience, taking turns and also taught you to be curious about what was on those cards.

This is our version of that classic game. Race to clock!, best your own score or play head to head against your friends. Make sure you add your name for bragging rights on the High Score page!

We know how important what is on those cards can be to start conversation. So we have added important people and items from the Bible. Each card has a corresponding biography so you can have a conversation and teach or explain who these people were and what they mean to you as a Christian. We hope the game provides hours of quiet fun and religious learning.

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