Bible Hangman

Learning about the characters in the Bible shouldn’t be boring, so Bible Hangman combines a time-honored game with slick graphics to make learning fun!

Bible Hangman:

– Has over 250 characters, places and books of the Bible for you to guess your way through, with a wide range of difficulties so that everyone can play.

– Allows you to give kids a boost by enabling “Head start mode”, which eliminates some incorrect letters.

– Has hints for every guess word to help you along – show them only when you need them!

– Works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad as a universal binary, which means you buy it once and it works everywhere.

Bible Hangman is perfect for adults and kids of all ages, and is a great way to help your kids engage with the Bible without getting bored!

NOTE: I have an app on the App Store called Church which includes Bible Hangman as one small part of a much larger whole. If you already own Church, you don’t need this app as well. If you don’t already own Church, what are you waiting for? :)

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