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The World’s Greatest Bible Quiz is a 2500 question Bible Quiz which is both fun and educational.

Fun and useful for everyone from the Bible novice to the advanced seminary student and Pastor/Teacher, The World’s Greatest Bible Quiz is an application which, once you begin using, you don’t want to stop. Fun for adults and children.

Let The World’s Greatest Bible Quiz thrill you with its fascinating and educational trip through The Bible. You’ll never read your Bible the same way again.

With 2500 total questions this Quiz will take time to complete. It is designed to allow you to take it over as long a time as you’d like. Take your time, if you wish, and enjoy this challenging and fun Bible Quiz. Or, go through it quickly giving yourself time to take it again and again! Either way, let the Word of God speak to you as it’s meant to do.

For fun, show off your Bible knowledge by searching for and posting Bible quotes that inspire you on Facebook.

Content Description:

• 2500 Questions
• 7 Main Themes
• 36 Total Categories

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