Do you remember patterns? Can you create patterns you have seen before?
Do you see symbols in pictures? Think you can do it under pressure?

Try Bianselon. The game where pattern recognition is the name of the game.

The game is based on the principal of the chameleon. The chameleon must change its skin
to match the natural patterns of foliage in order to hide. You must change the
game board to match the pattern you just saw….stumped, no problem you can always “peek”.
The only penalty is time.

Click Start and you see a pattern on for 3 or more seconds then you see a blank game
board and you have to re-create the pattern you just saw. Select which color you would
to use and then click game board squares to create the pattern.

****Sounds easy right?***

Levels start on a 3×3 grid in black and white and work up to multi-colored patterns
on an insanely unlimited grid. You get a bit more time as it gets harder. If you need a
hint simply peek.

Go for the high score. Challenge your friends!

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