Beyond Ynth

Offers in-app purchases ($0.99 - $0.99) Game Center Rating: 4+

Beyond Ynth is a game from FDG Mobile Games GbR, originally released 16th September, 2010


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Beyond Ynth Review

The original Ynth was a lot of fun, so we were excited when its sequel was announced. In Beyond Ynth, the developers have expanded upon the original’s box flipping puzzle platforming in many ways, while keeping the same obnoxious level of challenge. This is a puzzle game for the hardcore crowd.

In Beyond Ynth you play as a bug, and you need to push against the inside walls of boxes to tip them over. Sometimes you’ll need to use objects, such as a trampoline tumbleweed or rock-smashing lava balls, to get through the boxes themselves. The environment also plays a role in you’ll die in some levels if you’re exposed to the air or light too long. All of this is covered in a few quick but efficient tutorial levels.

Drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweeds.

Each puzzle requires you to line up various elements to complete the level, while also avoiding danger. One mistake often means a forced restart. However, if you ever get stuck on a level, you can always try your hand at a different one. A branching map system quickly unlocks many levels so you can always come back to the tough ones later.

Beyond Ynth also offers up tons of replay value. While simply completing a level can be a major challenge in itself, collecting both diamonds on each level requires lots of patience and forethought. However, your effort will be rewarded with new pages in a voice-acted storybook.

Downright Sisyphean.

Beyond Ynth is optimized for the Retina display, so it looks great on fourth generation devices. Beyond Ynth HD is the identical iPad version of the game, and it plays just as well.

If you’re up to the challenge and you want a game that is sure to draw you in until you’ve mastered it, Beyond Ynth is an absolute must buy. Just know that you might lose weeks of productivity.