The ultimate word game mashup!. Contains gameplay elements similar to Boggle, Scrabble and Bejeweled! Swipe over adjacent letters to form words. Form words with starred letters to advance levels.

Uses an official competitive word game player’s dictionary. Displays the definition of selected words! Great for building vocabulary.


1. Swipe across the letter blocks to form words.

2. Each letter block has a value associated with it. The score for each word is calculated using the sum of the block values as well as an additional multiplier for the length of the word, the maximum number of color blocks of the same color, and the current level.

3. Some blocks have stars around their value. Forming words with these blocks adds stars to the top corners of the screen. Once you have accumulated 10 stars, the level changes.

4. The bar in the top middle of the screen is your time remaining. Once this bar shrinks to nothing, the game is over. Time is increased when words are formed based on the value of the word. This means that longer words and words with lots of the same color block are better for your time than short words.

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