Betyah – Bet on Anything & Everything

Finally, an app that will make you smarter, hotter & totally irresistible!

Betyah also makes it easy & fun to bet your friends (& even some celebs) on everything from sports & reality TV to celebrity gossip & personal showdowns in your everyday life. Whether you like to bet & talk smack or just dish with your friends & predict a few outcomes, Betyah is the app for you.

Will LA beat San Antonio? Who will get voted off Idol? Can an angry LOLcat take out a honey badger? Take your pick. We’ve got all the game & side bets for your favorite sports, along with easy wagers on celebrity gossip, reality TV train wrecks, news, business & everyday life. Plus, you can make up your own bets, like who looks best in their mankini or whether so-and-so is second date material.

Gather with your friends across town (or the country) to watch, wager, chat & talk smack in real time during any sporting event or TV show.

Compete against friends & the unwashed masses to become a betting ninja.

Wager with fake money & real pride. Earn respect, trophies, bragging rights & more.

*** HIGH FIVES ***
“10 out of 5 stars!” – Camille A.
“Addicting! I’m on it every day.” – Andy K.
“The best smack-talking app ever, on any topic.” – Nik D.
“Wine + The Bachelorette + my 4 besties on Betyah = Monday night bliss.” – Stacy C.
“I Betyah you’ll love it!” – Ryan C.

*** HOLLER AT US ***
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