Betty's Luxury Resort HD

★★★★★ Fantastic Fun!
★★★★★Challenge your management talent!
★★★★★Treat yourself to some excitement, serve your customers to some relaxation, with this entertaining rushing game.

Try running four exotic resorts in one game! Betty need your help to revamp her resort into resorts chain around the world! Conquer Betty’s Luxury Resort and you may even find yourself president of the Resort’s Union! Pamper and refresh your customers with various of services in 4 scenic and luxurious resorts, relax in the hot springs in Tailand, swimming in the aegean, sailing at Dubai, and playing Majiang at Beijing!

◇4 luxurious resorts: Greece, Tailand, Dubai, and Beijing
◇48 colorful levels
◇32 facilities and various exotic of the room
◇Shop for expansions and upgrades for your resort
◇Unique services offered in each resort keeps game interesting.

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