Best of Video Poker

Video Poker as seen in casinos! Increase your Video Poker skills while playing your favorite Video Poker Games. This app includes traditional favorites like Spin Poker as well as popular new games like Ultimate X Poker. You’ll love the fact that you can play some of the all time favorite games on your iPad without the need for an Internet connection. Practice and play at home, on the airplane, or anywhere, and then win at the casino! Free versions come with one game family, and the upgraded versions includes a full suite of games families.

Most upgraded games includes 4 easy to use training features: Stop Light, Pick, Hand Tracking, and Best Hold. The Stop Light feature gives you a green light if you hold the correct cards and a red light if your hold is incorrect. The PICK button allows you to choose the cards you want in your deal hand. Then, use the Stop Light feature to see if you play it right! Hand Tracking keeps track of how many hands you play in a session, and how many you play correctly. Best Hold feature displays the best hold cards after the draw, so you will know exactly what you should have held. This will improve your playing time at your favorite casino. Some games do not have a Stop Light, Hand Tracking or Best Hold, but they look, sound, and play like the casino versions!

3/5/10 Play Poker – as seen in casinos, Play 3, 5, or 10 hands.

Black Jack Bonus Poker – new pay categories that give you extra coins when your winning hand is a 4k with the Jack of Spades or the Jack of Clubs as the kicker card.

Build a Wheel Poker: each natural dealt 3k or better reveals one slice of the wheel. If you are dealt a full house or better, all slices are revealed. Once all slices are revealed, spin the wheel to win up to 10,000 additional credits!

Combo Twenty Five Play combines two games – 25 Play Poker, and 25 Play Super Times Pay.

Deal Draw is a fun bet with action on the deal and on the draw!

Double Super Times Pay – With max bet per hand, two multipliers are possible- on the deal and again on the draw, for a combined multiplier of up to 20X

Extra Action – The bonus is activated whenever 1 to 4 aces are dealt.

Extra Draw Frenzie goes into a bonus screen when you are dealt a 3k.

GameKing Single Hand – classic Single Hand Video Poker as seen in casinos.

Hundred Play – Play 100 hands on the same screen.

Hundred Play with Quick Quads – Quick Quads just got 100 times more exciting!

Keno Poker – A combination of two of your favorite games – Poker and Keno.

Quick Quads – Turn a 3k hand into a 4k Quad winner!

Spin Poker is the first video poker game that plays like a nine-line slot, but with classic video poker strategy.

Spin Fever: Each Flush or better with max bet awards the corresponding wheel pointer. Once any pointer is awarded, you can initiate a Wheel spin at any time.

Super Times Pay – Bet six credits for a shot at the Super Times Pay multiplier, where winning hands are multiplied from 2 to 10 the standard win.

Super Times Pay 100 – 100 Play with Super Times Pay takes two of the most popular poker games ever invented and blends them together .

Super Triple Play™ has a twist for every player who likes to get four-of-a-kind.

Triple Spin: Spin Poker is one of the most popular and enduring video poker games of all time. Triple Spin Poker brings even more excitement with three games on the same screen.

Ultimate 4 of a Kind Bonus: As a tribute to serious quad-seekers, a 6-credit bet awards the standard base game paytable win for a 4k, and initiates a distinctive pick ‘em bonus round.

Ultimate X awards multipliers based on any winning ending hand.

Wheel Poker: With a 5-credit max bet on each hand, you have the option to wager an additional credit on any or all played hands to qualify for an equal number of chances at the Wheel Poker bonus. Get a 4k on the deal or the draw and spin the wheel for up to 2,000 additional credits!

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