Begger Run

Beggar family is full of entertainment game not only for children but for everyone. Graphics and amazing sounds will amuse you while playing the game. Anyone can enjoy game with easy control and intuitive setup. This game is a mix of simple everyday physics and fun. It is easy to get started. In this game we have three beggars the bigger one, middle one and the youngster. Your goal is to keep running as fast as you can! Try to avoid the bombs that are being dropped above you. Position your Beggars so that they don’t get hit by missiles and bouncing bombs. You can use Left and Right arrow keys to move up/down to spread out or close up. Command the beggars to avoid bombs as they run for their life. To win this game you need to keep at least one beggar to stay alive in this mission. Easy to operate, extremely fun, and requires no special skills to play. Beggar Family is an iPad/ iPhone recreational application is your buddy in your leisure time.

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