Bees HD

Buzz around vibrant flower fields collecting pollen for your beehive. Along the way, look for bonuses and presents while avoiding the energy-zapping dragonflies. In the beehive, make organic honey and then choose from over 50 jars to store it in. Send free ecards to friends with your selected jars and receive bonuses, or sell your honey at the farmers’ market. Work to gain access to all of the tranquil and beautifully-designed nature settings such as strawberry fields, a desert garden, an orange grove and a Hawaiian garden. Complete missions for special awards. New levels coming soon!

Bees features:

– Twelve unique nature habitats full of colorful flowers and insects
– Over 50 honey jars to collect
– Send free ecards to friends
– Play the Queen, worker or drone bee to keep your hive alive.
– Learn how bees work in the hive and flower fields, and how they reproduce.

Be a part of nature and start making some honey!

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