BeerPong (Beirut) FREE

Easily the best “Beer” App you can have and the by far the most fun. With so much to do you will not put this game down. Compete against your friends with not only online play but with a full profile, player name, game statistics, match creation, in-game chat, Unlockable Tables, and Online Leaderboards. Get even more out of game play by joining HeyZap (fully integrated) in-game.

Besides multiplayer there is always Single Player that has 11 AI Challengers Including Corey Himself, all with different game play and difficulty. Now you can also choose from 18 different tables to play with both off and online. Remember the more cups you have to drink the more the camera sways and tilts as if you were drunk!

Make sure you buy one of the two special Christmas Tables as a in-app purchase. Featured in the screenshots.

Play Now Option – Skip all the fuss! Just play as a Anonymous Player.

Custom Profiles – Unique Player Name, Icon, Bio, Global Rank, Game Statistics, Achievements and more…

MultiPlayer – Play Against a friend with Pass and Play locally.

Online Play – Play your friends and strangers from around the world in a game of pong! Create matches or wait for one to become available to join. Use the lobby chat to connect and in-game chat to trash talk while you play. Always competing for the highest Global Ranking. Requires cell connection or WiFi.

Table Selection – 18 different tables to choose from, unlock, and buy.

Single Player – Play 11 different AI Challengers all with different abilities.
Music – 3 different tracks to choose from or turn off completely.

Tracer – You can turn it off and on for a much harder game.

Drunkenness – The more cups you have to drink in a game the more the camera sways and tilts as if you were drunk!

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