Bee Control

Take Control, Be(e) IN Control, Master the traffic and get paid in Gold!

You are the Bee Keeper of an army of bees in 4 different High Definition (HD) levels that takes you from the nearby park, over to Egypt, and into the deepest jungle.

Your mission is to direct the bees to collect nectar and bring it to the bee hive where it is refined into golden honey.


Both parks and jungles can be very hostile environments. Hard winds, crashes and shark flowers are lethal threats to bees.

It is up to you, can you master it all and become the champ of champs?!

✓4 different Bee types
✓Featuring 4 HD levels
✓Many different obstacles
✓Arm yourself with COOL Power Ups
✓Unique achievements system
✓No game is the same
✓Full Retina
✓Game Center included

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