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* NO SUBSCRIPTION, NO IN-APP PURCHASES or other in-game unlocks. Improve through skill & persistence only.

* A huge, open-ended, real-time online RPG world built over decades.

* Bedlam is NOT 3D, NOT a 2D-scroller, and NOT a browser-based game.

* Bedlam is a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) with a vast, real-time world, 12 special classes, hundreds of areas, thousands of different NPC’s and items.

* There are many ways to interact with the world, so the Bedlam app UI is extremely complex! Be prepared to learn new things.

* Play on any iPhone/iPod/iPad, over any connection: data transfer is minimal.

* Create an unlimited number of characters. Transfer equipment and gold easily. Form or join an experience group. Found or join a guild, invest in a private house. Socialize.

* Bedlam is a one-of-a-kind MMORPG experience. Players can not only enjoy a huge, custom-built world but can also become Dungeon Creators and Quest Masters.

* This app is an advanced graphic MUD client connecting to a feature-rich and always free-to-play server running at telnet:// Play Bedlam for free in a desktop browser via the web app @ or using the Facebook app.

World Highlights:

– Create multiple characters in 12 very different classes.
– Player guilds
– PvP 1-vs-1 and free-for-all
– Private houses and player-owned shops
– Huge world (8000+ rooms) with hundreds of unique custom areas, thousands of NPC’s.
– 60 Mortal Levels, 10 extra Hero levels
– NPC quests, quests by human Quest Masters, scripted quests that unlock areas.
– Thousands of designed items, infinite random loot. 24+ equipment wear positions.
– Multiple IM Channels, In-Game Auction System.

App Highlights include:

– Beautiful pre-rendered artwork.
– Capable CoverFlow-like UI supporting many complex interactions.
– Real-time visualization of all game characters, objects, and surroundings, and of many events.
– Real-time point-of-view tap-enabled map.
– One-finger, one-hand triggering of complex actions.
– Advanced triggers with variable support to help you respond fast to game events.
– Data compression for bandwidth savings.
– Battery saving options for long play sessions.
– Original soundtrack.

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