Become a Pick Up Artist

Enter the electrifying world of pickup artists while learning and practicing the best tips, tricks, and techniques for dating real life beautiful women in Become a Pickup Artist. Learn how to charm gorgeous women using the influential Love Systems dating program and guided by the world’s top pickup artists, Nick Savoy (President and Program Leader of Love Systems) and Cajun, Love Systems Instructor and winner of the pickup artist television game show “Keys the the VIP”.

Featuring a fun, flirty narrative, hone your new skills by testing them in common pickup scenarios through virtual interactions with over 20 girls, each with their own personality and style. Study and select the best strategy to win over each girl and conquer each environment by closing your interactions with a phone number, a kiss, or even by continuing the date elsewhere. Armed with the tools and consequence free practice that you need to lead any social interaction, travel to 8 of the coolest (and unexpected!) international hotspots and venues while mastering how to confidently approach, interact, and win over the woman of your dreams.

– Learn the most effective ways to attract girls, straight from the world’s greatest pickup artists
– Develop your approach and perfect your speaking skills at your own pace
– Test pickup techniques on over 20 girls, each with their own unique personality and style
– Practice in 8 of the most unexpected and effective pickup scenes and venues, from San Francisco to Paris

– Unique blend of vivid 2D characters animations and real life environments
– Dating simulation gameplay with new skills, concepts, and awesome achievements to unlock

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